Divorce Solutions For Your Family

The process of divorce can be emotionally devastating and financially taxing. Many critical and strategic decisions need to be made to move the dissolution process forward. Unfortunately, these decisions must be made when emotions are raw from the realization that your marriage is over. Whether you are the husband or wife, an attorney with calm and candid legal counsel can be a tremendous asset for protecting your assets and parental rights.

Divorce lawyer Kris Sigeti will fight for your legal goals in court, but he also has the professional experience and calm demeanor to collaborate with your ex-partner and their attorney. We have often found that the collaborative or negotiated outcome better serves the needs of the entire family because it sets a constructive tone for moving forward to the family's next phase as a two household unit.

Addressing Your Unique Needs

A larger law firm may push clients through the legal system for a quick resolution or stretch the process out to increase the billable hours. This is not how our firm works. Instead, we treat our clients like human beings with real-life issues that need to be resolved. Our divorce services include:

  • Property division: Establishing what is marital property (jointly owned) and how to distribute assets equitably (which is not the same as a 50-50 split).
  • Child custody: Determining what type of custody is best for the children and outlining visitation rights.
  • Child support and spousal support: New York has general guidelines for amounts based on income and lifestyle, but an attorney can help influence the final decisions.
  • Modification: Children grow up and their needs change. In addition, parents change jobs and move.
  • Enforcement: Unfortunately, you may need to garnish a spouse's wages or take other actions.

Whether your divorce is amicable and collaborative, or combative and litigious, Sigeti Law, P.C., always addresses the needs of those with family law issues. Our hands-on approach means we listen and provide sound legal guidance that informs your decisions every step of the way.

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