Planning Your Legacy

Many assume that estate law is an area of law reserved for the wealthy who live on estates. This, however, is far from the case. Estate law includes drafting a will for how you want your possessions passed along to surviving kin and friends, but there are many other things to consider in a thoughtful estate plan.

At Sigeti Law, P.C., we have extensive experience drafting wills, power of attorney, and other important matters that everyone needs to consider. No matter the amount of wealth, age, or size of your family, it is always a wise decision to have your affairs in order. Kris Sigeti is a lawyer who prides himself on his attention to detail and his ability to listen to your needs and goals. Serving individuals here in Tonawanda and surrounding communities in western New York, he patiently walks his clients through the entire process, making it smooth and perhaps even a thoughtful experience.

We Offer The Following Estate Law Services

We have a separate page on the details of wills that you can refer to. Other common legal issues we address include the following:

  • Power of attorney: This is a document that can be used to give someone else legal authority to manage finances and other matters if you are incapable of doing so either because of illness or incapacity.
  • Health care proxy: This document can be used to specifically determine a health care treatment plan or outline health care directives if you are unable to do so on your own.
  • Estate probate or administration: The passing of a loved one can be devastating. An attorney can guide the grieving family through a process whether the decedent had or will or not. We guide you through opening the estate, filling out paperwork, locating beneficiaries, identifying and managing assets, as well as the division of the assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceased person.
  • Probate litigation: Sometimes it is hard for family members to agree on estate matters. We can help mediate these issues in an informal setting or represent you in court.

Far more wide ranging than a simple last will and testament, estate planning is as unique as the person and family it serves.

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