Making A Valid Will

A legal will can vary between a straightforward sheet of paper and a more elaborate volume of pages. It can be whatever the size the testator needs. The purpose is to establish how a testator's estate should be handled after death. Ideally, this means dispersing assets to family members or loved ones, and it can even provide solace as a final message or gift to them. It also offers peace of mind for you by making these arrangements to avoid messy disputes and unnecessary litigation.

Sigeti Law, P.C., founder Kris Sigeti has extensive experience drafting wills and other estate law documents. While the concept of mortality is uncomfortable to some, clients who sit down with Mr. Sigeti find an attorney who enjoys working with his clients. He listens to your needs and goals, and devises a strategy that best achieves them, including avoiding unnecessary taxes and the smooth transfer of property.

Things You Need To Consider In Your Will

Of course the testator needs to determine who gets what assets and when, but there are other things to determine. These include:

Picking an executor: Once the Surrogate's Court gives them authority, the executor manages the assets and liabilities of the decedent's estate.

Naming guardians and trustees: It is always a good idea for young parents to draft a will, and a crucial part of this is determining who will raise the children in the event that both parents die, and who will manage their finances, including any inheritance.

Health care proxy: This document appoints an individual to make decisions regarding your health if you are incapacitated.

Probate: Probate is a legal process that can last, in most cases, at least seven months and often longer where the estate is under the watchful eye of the surrogate's court and the estate is divided. An experienced lawyer can streamline the probate process, and help move things along in an organized and structured manner. Proper preplanning, including properly a properly drafted will help move this process along.

Providing The Guidance Needed To Draft A Will

Attorney Kris Sigeti has worked extensively with individuals and families here in Tonawanda as well as the surrounding communities in western New York. While anyone can draw up a will, an attorney with an extensive background in estate law and drafting wills can be extremely helpful in skillfully guiding you and your family through what can be a difficult time.

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