Real Estate Transaction Guidance

New York is one of the states that require an attorney to be a part of the buying or selling of a home, investment property, and other real estate issues. There is always an extensive amount of paperwork to fill out and examine, legal negotiations to conduct before and during closings, as well as an endless list of other important details.

We provide a wide range of real estate services here at Sigeti Law, P.C., in Tonawanda. Real estate transactions are some of the biggest financial deals the average individual makes, which makes them extremely stressful. Our client-friendly approach means that we walk you through this process each step of the way, communicating the legal nuances of the deal, making sure it is the right one for you and that your interests are protected during, and after the process.

Crucial Issues With Every Real Estate Transaction

Our services for residential properties and commercial real estate include:

  • Title concerns: Facts, surveys, and descriptions on titles are sometimes incorrect and need to be fixed. We do this well before the closing to ensure there are no unresolved issues, including liens against the property.
  • Work with lenders: We help you provide all the information necessary to successfully apply for a mortgage.
  • Deed transfers: We make sure that all the necessary papers, including the deed, transfer tax returns, affidavits, and mortgage documents are accurate and correct, and that they reflect what was agreed upon. We then ensure that all payment figures are accurate so there are no issues or surprises at closing.
  • Mortgage modifications: Sometimes the original loan was necessary at the time, but not an ideal arrangement. We can help you to make modifications that include reducing interest rates, extend mortgage periods, or convert mortgages from adjustable to fixed.

We Take Care Of Your Real Estate Needs

Be assured that Sigeti Law, P.C., makes your real estate interests its priority. A lawyer who is well prepared and able to quickly resolve issues that present themselves will handle your real estate closing and transactions.

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